Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I visit the dentist?

We recommend two dental appointments each year in keeping with the recommendation of the American Dental Association. These six month checkups give us an opportunity to intercede in the earliest stages of oral health concerns to renew smiles with the most conservative solutions.

What is periodontal disease?

Periodontal disease is commonly referred to as gum disease. This occurs when plaque and tartar buildup at the gum line irritates or damages the soft tissue. We offer numerous periodontal therapies to renew oral health following gum disease.

Can I call if I have an emergency?

Absolutely. We do our utmost to provide same day emergency dentistry appointments for patients in need of urgent dental care. If we’re unable to see you on the day you call, we’ll walk you through first aid and pain management over the phone.

Can I bring my kids to your office?

We welcome children and adults in our office, and we are happy to provide a variety of children’s dentistry services to help your child develop and maintain healthy smiles.

Should I consider dental implants?

If you’re missing one or more teeth and are in relatively good oral and overall health, dental implant supported tooth replacement may be your best option. Dental implant posts replace the root structure of lost teeth, making these restorations the most natural looking and feeling tooth replacement option.

Does teeth whitening work?

While over the counter teeth whitening products may not deliver on the promises they make, we can offer professional teeth whitening that delivers predictable results up to ten shades brighter in most cases.

Do you take my insurance?

We are in-network with most major dental insurance providers, and we will process and file claims with almost any provider. Please don’t hesitate to ask any questions you may have about your coverage.