About Us

Our History

The Spiritist Society of Dallas got started unofficially around 2001 when two couples who had recently moved here from Brazil met and decided to get together for the gospel at home.

Our First Meetings

Our first meetings were held different apartments, based on who was around. As two couples became three and then four, we started meeting at a car mechanic's garage space which was larger and could fit us a little better.

Our First Location

Over time our group got big enough where we were able to rent our first space. This space was an office location near where our house is today.

Our House Today

Today we meet at the larger space we have today. This is a blessing because it gives us the flexibility of having multiple activities at the same time, such as both English and Portuguese Gospel Studies on Thursdays.

Community Involvement

Many of the members of our house are heavily involved with different community service organizations, ranging from the Austin Street Homeless shelter to the Golden Acres nursing home. If you are looking for an opportunity to get involved, there are plenty of chances, including kid friendly ones!

Our Activities

We offer a series of activities and opportunities to learn more about Spiritism, share our experiences with one another and grow together.

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