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Dear brothers and sisters,                                      Jesus taught us the way to happiness by the Father, when summed up: "... you will love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with your entire mind, is the greatest and first commandment. And here is the second, which is similar to that: you will love your neighbor as yourself ..."                        
                                              (St. Matthew, chapter. XXII, v.34 to 40).

Let’s invite each other, relentlessly, to this great feast of eternal joys;
Let us be of one heart and illuminating the big stormy nights of many brothers who still need the pain as renewal;
Let us unite in one voice, singing the blessings of the Father, who has given us life, intelligence, free will, the seed of love and the endless opportunity to start a new future, every day ;
Let’s work ceaselessly to acquire the treasures of heaven, the spiritual assets, only taken into account before the final denouement;
Turn ourselves into a big benevolent family, without distinction of race or belief;
Let's raise the flag of gentleness and mercy, moving away the hatred and the rancor of our Planet;
Let us walk in the light of the infinite love of God and his legions of guardian angels, to free ourselves from all evil;
Cumulate our hearts of justice, love and charity, so that the good man will be the paragon of purity to achieve;
Prepare our souls for regeneration that the Consoler operates and prepares us for the kingdom of God on earth!
Peace and blessings to all humanity!

Spiritist Society of Dallas